Mention the idea of a team building day and you’re sure to elicit a groan. We’ve all been on one of those interminable days where you all have to work together to build a tower or something – there seems little point, and nobody really seems to enjoy them!

But what if you organised something really fun for your team where they actually enjoyed themselves? Read on for some great ideas…

Food tasting

This one depends on whether people have allergies or sensitivities, but could be good fun. You could even do food tasting blindfolded for that added bit of fun! There are companies who will bring a food tasting experience into your office, or you could see if a local restaurant will host you.

Ax throwing

Yes, ax throwing is a thing – and it looks so much fun! The best ax throwing near me is a place where you can team up to throw your axes in private lanes. A great way of building team morale and having fun doing something different. You might even find that a member of your team has been hiding a secret talent for hitting the target perfectly!

Inflatable games

I once worked for a company who hired a massive inflatable “It’s a Knock-out” style game for the entire company to play. Teams played against each other and although at first it was a bit weird to see Jill from Accounts trying to run up a big inflatable slide, we were all soon having a whale of a time.

Unusual sports

Find an unusual sport that you can all join in with. You could do zip lining, or even use a Ten Point Crossbow to shoot at targets in the woods. This is one of those things that can turn out to be surprisingly good fun and great for building team morale. Just getting out of the office together to do something unusual can really help to form bonds that will be really beneficial in a work environment.

Circus classes

This sounds like so much fun – learning to juggle, trapeze and even walk on a tightrope… though probably not as far off the ground as the ones you see in the big top! Circus classes will often cater to people of all abilities, so if you have team members who don’t have great balance or coordination there’s bound to be something different they can learn.

Water sports

Water skiing or wakeboarding are things most people have never tried – so why not give your team the opportunity? There are loads of water parks that will provide a range of different experiences and days – some will also have camping on site so you can have a campfire singalong at the end of the day too!

Take them to a resort

This is probably something for celebrating a big achievement, when you want to go all out – you can hire a resort from a place like and really spoil your team with all of the facilities available. It might sound like a big outlay, but it’s the sort of thing that will show your team that you really value them and the contribution they make to your business.

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