When people talk about a European holiday, they are more often than not talking about somewhere in France, Italy, Spain or Germany. They might also have Greek or Turkish island destinations in mind, or skiing in Austria or Switzerland. The further east you go, however, the less people think about going there for a dream holiday. And as you will see, that is a shame. There are some stunning places to visit as you get further into the Eastern margins of this continent, and due to a lack of tourist attention, they’re largely unspoiled.

Below we will look at three countries on the further reaches of Europe that are absolutely worth considering for a fun holiday that won’t break the bank. These are places that don’t take up a lot of space on the shelves of destinationguides in any travel agency, but should pique your attention once you’ve read a bit about them (and seen a few pictures).


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One of the last countries to gain its independence when the former Yugoslavia split up, Montenegro doesn’t have the same profile as Croatia or Slovenia. What it does have is a lot of extremely picturesque cities, well worth using your Jet2 free child places to take a family break. A visit to Kotor (pictured above) is well worth your time, its beautiful winding streets holding endless surprises, including a cat museum which will endear anyone with a soul. Located on the Adriatic coast, the old town is within reach of the beaches of Kotor and there are plenty of excellent restaurants to be enjoyed in between excursions which include boat trips.


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Slovenia is growing in popularity with tourists, who are particularly keen on the romantic shores of Lake Bled, which have become an iconic wedding destination. As gorgeous as Bled is (and you should make time to visit at least once in your life), Slovenia is more than one lakeshore town. In truth, if you base yourself in the capital Ljubljana, you’ll find no shortage of things to do there – as a university town there are plenty of amenities, and attractions include Tivoli Park and Ljubljana Castle – and it will also be an excellent base from which to visit the likes of Koper, Celje and, yes, Bled.


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Where you should go in Romania is largely dependent on who is along for the ride. The bigger cities, such as Bucharest, Brasov and Sibiu, are filled with options for tourists of all ages, and the older the average age of the travelling party, the more interesting spots there are. If you like to ski, or even if you can’t ski but really like spectacularly pretty mountain views and charming chalets, Poiana Brasov is a must. Sight-seers with historical minds will also love destinations like Peles, with its stunning castle, also known as the Winter Palace. Bucharest, the capital, is a great all-round destination with plenty of places to eat, as well as sights such as the Parliamentary Palace and nearby Bran Castle.

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